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           Micsta the salon-grade stylist,

your personal hair care specialist.


Our brand offers the latest technology products such as hair straighteners,curlers and hair dryers,making hair healthy and vibrant and becoming a reality for women.Of course,these products are suitable for all types of hair,because according to different hair and hairstyle we will always innovate different products.So that all women can start from the hair have their own unique beauty.


Our Mission


We innovate hair tools to provide power for every age, every place of women, to achieve their beauty, glow their charm.

We combine customer feedback, product technology to connect brands to user's feelings, to achieve common development goals.


Our Vision


We believe that all women, from short hair to long hair, curly hair to straight hair, and all hair styles, can be in their own unique way to interpret the beautiful.



Our Values


We are passionate.We pursue quality.We dare to innovate.We accept  change.We cherish our team.We are eager to win.

We are positive.We are kind.We are sincere.We collaborate.We say cheers.

We are MICSTA.